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Law Office of Gale P. Stipes, P.C.

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Attorney Gale P. Stipes is well-versed in many specialized areas. Her experience allows her to advocate for you in multiple areas of law. Often, more than one area of experience is required. She can provide you with comprehensive legal support in all areas of family law in both Madison and Bond County.

Law Office of Gale P. Stipes P.C. is available for appointments Monday through Friday.  An initial consultation is only $175 for an hour. She will evaluate your case, make recommendations, and discuss potential cost at the first appointment.

In addition to the following legal services Gale P. Stipes is available for mediation of your family dispute whether it is court ordered or voluntary. 

Our legal services include:

Family Law                                                  
Child support                                                      
Orders of Protection                                                            
Traffic tickets

Law Office of Gale P. Stipes, P.C.

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